Fuji Rock Festival tickets now available via Furusatonozei Program!

Support Fuji Rock’s hometown by donating to Yuzawa through the Furusatonozei program!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the festival being held at Naeba since 1999.

Fuji Rock Festival has grown over the years alongside Naeba, the town of Yuzawa, and Niigata prefecture while using a portion of proceedes to thin forests around the festival, using the recycled tree clippings to make “Fuji Rock Paper”, and supporting the protection of the forests in and around the festival with the “Fuji Rock Forest Project”.

The funds gathered through the “purchase” of Fuji Rock Festival related items available via the Furusatonozei Program are used to strengthen the town of Yuzawa against natural disasters, and ecological programs to protect the vital nature of the town.

【Program Benefits】 Benefits available through the program include ¥3,000 meal coupons available for a ¥10,000 payment and festival tickets, parking tickets, etc.

*Only available on Furusato Choice.