BLUE GALAXY RETURNS! Introducing this year’s stages and areas.

Introducing all of this year’s Fuji Rock Festival!

Hang out at the free-to-enter YELLOW CLIFF area before the main gate without a wristband, visit THE PALACE OF WONDER which is back and more amazing then ever, before you even get to the main gate of the festival! Just beyond the entrance is the main stage of the festival, the GREEN STAGE, and the many many more small and large stages spanning over 4 kilometers end to end that make Fuji Rock Festival one of the best outdoor festivals in the world.

The festival’s largest hospitality area, OASIS, the soothing rest area located on the shore of a river, TOKORO TENGOKU, the festively decorated BOARDWALK winding through the festival and forest, and KIDS LAND offering fun for kids of all ages, make up just some of the many fun filled areas that aren’t stages at the festival.

Stages & Facilities