Festival Echo Fuji Rock, Working With Forests

Fuji Rock Festival is held amidst the forests of Naeba. Listening to music while surrounded by the green forests is an extraordinary experience. Fuji Rock aims to take care of the beauty year round rather then just the one period each summer. Decreasing the amount of waste the festival produces and taking care of the forest along with festival audience is just one of the many things the festival does to support the environment.

  • Fuji Rock Forest Project
    The Fuji Rock Forest Project works to protect forests along with the support of festival goers.
    New Power Gear implements clean energy sources to reduce CO2 emmisions which cause global warming.
  • Zero Waste Navigation
    This project takes garbage produced at the festival and recycles it into materials we can use at the festival.
  • Sustainable Shift Challenge with BEAMS
    The festival is working to shift to sustainable stance through ending the use of plastic shopping bags and the use of upcycle materials for staff t-shirts and more.
  • NGO Village
    The festival supports various organizations which work on numorous problems facing society by creating a space for them to introduce themselves to festival goers.


Fuji Rock Festival turns the respect for the forests surrounding the venue into action to protect them alongside Niigata prefecture, the towns of Yuzawa and Naeba, and the many supporters who come to Fuji Rock in the Fuji Rock Forest Project.

Disposable chopsticks created from the forests surrounding the festival

Chopsticks made from cedar trees thinned from the forests surrounding the festival venue are made available at the festival.

“FUJI ROCK PAPER” made using trees cut during thinning of forests

With cooperation from the Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Company, paper is made using trees felled during thinning of the forests surrounding the festival venue for use and sale at the festival. The paper is also used for festival posters. By thinning the forests, the trees left are given ample space to fully grow and lets sunlight into the forest floor making the overall forest healthier.

Enjoy the forest at the “BOARDWALK”

Spanning a distance of 1.4km in the festival is a boardwalk made of lumber from the surrounding forests by festival volunteers and elevated to protect the forest floor is barrier free boardwalk.

Fuji Rock Forest Project Organizing Council
Niigata Prefecture, Yuzawa Town, Yuzawa Town Tourism Association, Asagai Neighborhood Association, Naeba Tourism & Hotel Association, Prince Hotel, Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Morishita-gumi, Kobayashi Industries, Smash Corp.


「Reduce Global Warming Impact by Reducing CO2!」

Japan has pledged to reduce emissions by 46% (compared to 2013) by the year 2030. That means that not only the government and corporations but each of us need to take action. Let’s reduce the amount of energy we use for the festival!

  • The festival is working to reduce CO2 emissions in part by using recycled tempura oil as bio-diesel to power.
  • The festival has installed a “clean energy generator experience”.

Zero Waste Navigation

「Recycle Fuji’s Garbage at Fuji Rock!」

The festival is working with the NPO, iPledge, towards making society one that regards “Garbage = Resource”. We work to recycle as much of the garbage at the festival as possible.

Check out the garbage bags made from rice!

The garbage bags the festival distributes at the festival entrance are made from rice that is no longer fit for consumption and crushed rice from producers of rice crackers. These rice products cannot be used for livestock feed and would be otherwise disposed of. New technology is used to upcycle these rice products into a form of plastic. This new resource is a challenge undertaken by Fuji Rock Festival which is held in Niigata Prefecture which is famous for its world class rice.

Shifting to Sustainability with BEAMS

This year marks the 17th year BEAMS has been a sponsor of Fuji Rock Festival and together, the festival and BEAMS make staff t-shirts with upcycled materials, have stopped using plastic shopping bags and are shifting to a sustainable stance for the festival.

Made to Order Official T-Shirts

In order to further sustainability within the fashion industry, the number of shirts made in advance to be held in stock at the festival will be limited and the festival will mainly only produce the number of shirts pre-ordered online.

Stop Using Plastic Shopping Bags

Since BEAMS began supporting the festival, they have provided the festival with plastic shopping bags for those who purchase official festival merchandise at the festival and BEAMS stores. The use of these plastic bags will be discontinued starting this year to reduce the amount of plastic garbage produced.

FRF’21 KnapSack (by Kiu)
This festival original all weather knapsack by Kiu uses weatherproof materials making it the perfect bag for Fuji Rock Festival. *Limited amount available.

Size: 57cm x 43cm (shoulder string 54cm)
Material:100% Polyester (treated water resistant)
Price: ¥1,200 (tax incl.) *Only available for purchase at festival.

Upcycled Staff T-Shirts

Shirts that were scheduled to be disposed of will be upcycled to be distributed at the festival to operational staff, security staff and volunteers at the festival. The shirts will feature designs by the art unit, UND. (Some new shirts will be used for sizes, etc., that cannot be upcycled.)

The shirt’s design will feature characters wearing masks or bandanas over their mouths to remind us of social distancing and representing the “special Fuji Rock held under special circumstances”.

The shirts are sure to decorate the festival with their message of diversity, sustainability, and reminder of the need to socially distance.
Be sure to keep an eye out for them at the festival!

NGO Village

「Support NGO’s working to make society a better place!」

The festival has a “NGO Village” where organizations working for global environmental issues, forest protection, and world peace. The festival is providing a place where audience members can be informed about issues facing the world today.

Participating Organizations

ipledge / Echigo Nagaoka Biomass Regional Association / Green Apple / MITSUHO Generate / OMNI international Co.,Ltd / Camp Yorozu Clinic /Connectech / Akita Shoten / I’s Factory