Lineup by stage for the many great stages at Fuji Rock now available!

Electro hip-hop unit renowned across the globe for not only their cross-genre sound but stimulating visuals, group_inou;
And six-piece group created to “make people everywhere dance everyday”, Lucky Kilimanjaro, have been confirmed to perform on the first day of the festival, Friday July 26th!

And on Sunday July 28th, award winning, KEN ISHII, who’s known as the Techno God of Asia will be performing!

Artists slated to perform at the unique and wonderful stages of Fuji Rock Festival: Gypsy Avalon, THE PALACE OF WONDER, Naeba Shokudo, PYRAMID GARDEN, DAY DREAMING, and GAN-BAN SQUARE have been confirmed!

The organic stage powered by biodiesel and soft energies such as solar, Gypsy Avalon, will feature 11 artists including GLIM SPANKY, who have reached the tenth year since their major debut, along with the “headliner for kids” artist, the Keropons.

The world’s most beautiful traveling tent, the CRYSTAL PALACE, located at THE PALACE OF WONDER area at the festival’s entrance and accessible without a festival ticket will be bringing the party to the festival with artists and DJs such as CARIBBEAN DANDY, MITSUKAZE, and RUBY FLASHMAN!

And the PALACE ARENA will feature the intense and thrilling balancing acts, firebreathers, and more of Kansai’s favorite: SAKURA CIRCUS!

The famous Naeba Shokudo located in the festival’s largest hospitality area, the OASIS area, is a cozy stage featuring surprise guest performances and more – this year the Naeba Shokudo will feature one of the best drummers in Japan, Junji Ikehata who leads the band Naeba Ongaku Totsugekitai, along with many unique artists including THE FOREVER YOUNG, Kataomoi, Ruka, and more!

Start your day with some yoga at this flat camping area and finish the day at a fantastic candle art installation in the PYRAMID GARDEN stage and camping area – this year featuring Tokiko Kato, Kyogo Kawaguchi, and other amazing performances.

Take a ride on Japan’s longest gondola, the “Dragondola”, to the top of the mountain and overlook the entire festival at the DAY DREAMING area featuring performances by DIGITALBLOCK DJS, Mari Sakurai, TREKKIE TRAX CREW and more!

GAN-BAN SQUARE, tucked away in a corner of the OASIS area goes all night and will feature performances of “Mr. Fuji Rock”: TAKKYU ISHINO, Naruyoshi Kikuchi, TAKU INOUE, and other amazing performers this year.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming announcement of the festival four main stages coming soon!