Please be sure to read and understand each of the following cautions prior to traveling to the festival.
Festival tickets are non-refundable so please be sure to fully read and understand all rules and regulations before purchasing your tickets.

Minding Your Manners
Making Fuji Rock the Cleanest Festival in the World Once Again

「Help & Respect Each Other」 「Respect Nature」

Fuji Rock can only advance to a new stage of its evolution if every one of us takes the actions necessary to create a comfortable environment for all while making everlasting summer memories.

Items Prohibited at the Festival

  • Outdoor chairs requiring assembly
    Chairs which cannot be folded up can cause injury to others when being carried.
    Please note that foldable chairs must be folded when being carried within the festival as they may cause injury to other audience members.
  • Umbrellas
    The use of umbrellas is prohibited in all areas of the festival including camp sites. Use of umbrellas limits your field of vision and can be dangerous if blown away by strong winds.
  • Leisure sheets, etc., which occupy large amounts of space, and or other objects, etc., which obstruct the view of others.
    《Examples of Prohibited Items》
    • Blue sheets (tarps) or other blankets, etc., which use more space than necessary for the number of persons using it.
    • Tarps, parasols, sunshades, tents (outside of camp sites), or other items or objects which restrict the view of others.
    These items can cause congestion and can be difficult to carry, leading to them being abandoned and becoming trash causing other members of the audience trouble. (Occupying space within the festival for prolonged amounts of time is prohibited.)
  • Items which will not be taken with you upon departing the festival such as leisure sheets, chairs, tents and other camping equipment, etc.
  • Sound recording equipment
  • Glass bottles, cans, etc. (Glass and cans cannot be brought into the festival in a cooler.)
  • Explosives including fireworks, etc.

In addition to the above items, animals (pets of any kind), items prohibited by law, and any dangerous items are prohibited at the festival.
Please note anyone found to be in possession of prohibited items will be asked to remove them from the festival grounds.
Those who do not follow the instructions of festival staff will be removed from the festival. Tickets will not be refunded under these circumstances.

Actions Prohibited at the Festival

  • No smoking within the festival
    Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas.
    Please refrain from using the space for prolonged periods of time.
  • Actions which cause harm or injury to others
    In addition to moshing or stage diving, transportation of chairs, etc., which are not folded up may cause injury to others when in crowded areas.
  • Littering and leaving trash behind
    • Please be sure to separate and dispose of garbage in the appropriate trash receptacles.
    • The festival is located in a rich natural environment and recycling efforts at the festival are undertaken by volunteers.
    • Garbage at the festival is recycled into garbage bags distributed upon entry to the festival and toilet paper at the facilities located throughout the festival grounds.
  • Do not feed the monkeys or other wild animals
    • Litter and garbage left behind at the festival can inadvertently become food for wild animals in the festival area causing them to appear in the camp sites and possibly causing harm to members of the audience. Please aim for a symbiotic relationship between animals and humans by refraining from actions which attract wildlife.
  • Abandoning chairs, leisure sheets or using them to save space
    • Use of personal items to save space, or abandoning items, is prohibited in all areas of the festival.
    • Items left unattended for long periods of time will be deemed abandoned and disposed of.
    • Please also note the use of sheeting or personal items to occupy large amounts of space is strictly prohibited.
    • The number of unattended leisure sheets and chairs, etc., at the festival have increased in recent years causing audience members to not be able to utilize an open space even when there is nobody there. Please be sure to carry all chairs and sheets, etc., with you when moving around the festival to avoid congestion and allow the greatest number of people to rest.
    • The above also applies to the Priority Tent area. Please be sure to take all belongings with you when leaving the area.
  • Use of chairs or sheets in restricted areas
    《Restricted Areas》
    • Red Marquee Area (including outside of Red Marquee tent)
    • Areas between stages and sound tents and lighting towers, and the spaces directly in front of the stages.
    • Regardless of location within the festival, use of chairs and leisure sheets may be restricted due to congestion or for crowd control measures. Please be sure to follow all instruction or announcements by festival staff.
  • Prolonged use of, abandoning personal items, and the use of the facility by those who do not apply, at the Priority Tent
    The Priority Tent is meant to be a short-term rest facility for those we meet the following requirements. Those who do not apply are not permitted use of the facility.
    Also, use of the facility for over 1 hour is not permitted.
    (Those with a government issued Disability Certificate are permitted use of the facility as required throughout the day.)
    • Persons with disabilities and those accompanying them.
    • Pregnant women and those accompanying them.
    • Children under school age and accompanying adults.
    • Accompanying persons are limited to 1 person.
  • Audio or visual recording of performing artists

Those who are found to be in violation of the above or who do not follow the instructions of festival staff or are found to be causing trouble for other audience members will be forcibly removed from the festival. Tickets will not be refunded in these cases.