The following measures are being implemented this year at Fuji Rock Festival to prevent the spread of infectious disease.
《6/17 update》Regulations regarding the use of masks at the festival have been adjusted to prevent heat stroke.

Arriving At The Festival

  • Please note persons to which any of the following apply will not be permitted to enter the festival.
    • ・Those with a fever of over 37.5 degrees or are otherwise feeling unwell (coughing, trouble breathing, lack of energy, sore throat, congested, abnormal sense of smell or taste, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, etc.).
    • Those who visited or have come into close contact with a person who visited or resides in a country or region on the government's list of restricted countries or regions.
    • Those who have tested postiive for Covid-19 or have been directed to quarantine.
    • Those who have come into close contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19.
    • Those who have family members or other close aquaintances who are suspected of being infected.
  • Those purchasing tickets or attending the festival will be required to register personal details via the official Fuji Rock app.
    • Personal details registered via the app will be utilized for contact tracing if there is evidence of infection at the festival and stored appropriately to be provided to government health authorities as necessary.
    • Those who refuse to register personal details will not be permitted to enter the festival.
    • *Information regarding the app will be released at a later date.
  • Please sign up for the Niigata Prefecture Covid-19 Information System (LINE).
    Please be sure to use the QR codes posted at the festival to register for the system upon arrival to the festival.

    「Niigata Prefecture Covid-19 Information System」

    In the event there is an infection at facilities in the prefecture, and there is a high possibility of infection to an unspecified number of people, Niigata Prefecture will inform those who utilized the facility at the same time as the infection by LINE message.
  • Please download and register with the contact tracing app, COCOA.
    <Covid-19 Contact Tracing App "COCOA">
    "COCOA" is the Covid-19 contact tracing app released by Japan's Ministry of Health. The app notifies users about possible contact with positive Covid-19 cases. Download to your smartphone to use.
    *Be sure to have Bluetooth turned on.

Measures at the Festival

  • Use of Masks 《6/17 update》
    • Masks are indispensable to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Please use non-woven masks.
    • When there is ample space between people and there is no conversations, the use of masks is not required and audience members are asked to remove their masks to prevent heat stroke.
    • Please wear a mask whenever speaking and always consider those around you.
  • Temperature Checks at the Festival.
    • Your temperature will be checked upon entering the festival. (Temperature will also be taken upon re-entry to the festival.)
    • Body temperature will be checked when boarding the shuttle bus running between the festival, train station and festival parking lots.
    • Those with a body temperature of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or above, or those who refuse to have their temperature taken will be refused entry to the festival (refused use of shuttle bus).
  • Please wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer and practice proper cough etiquette.
    • Hand sanitizer will be located at various locations throughout the festival. Please also be sure to bring your own portable hand sanitizer and use regularly along with washing your hands often.
  • Please maintain social distance with other festival goers when entering and exiting the festival.
    • Always observe social distance while watching performances, or moving between stages or areas.
  • Please refrain from raising your voice or speaking with other festival goers while inside the festival.
    • Please refrain from speaking in a loud voice.
    • Please refrain from coming in physical contact with others whenever possible.
  • Please strictly implement prevention measures when eating or drinking.
    • Bringing alcoholic beverages into the festival is prohibited.
    • Please refrain from excessive drinking.
    • Please always wear a mask when speaking with others.
  • Use cashless payment services.
    • Thank you for your cooperation in using cashless payment services at food stalls and merchandise booths. Please be sure to charge your e-payment services in advance.
  • Smoking is not allowed at the festival outside of designated smoking areas.
    • Do not speak with others at the smoking area or use the space for prolonged periods of time.
  • Entry to stage areas may be restricted or staggered entry may be enforced to avoid congestion.
    • Capacity restrictions will be enforced according to the situation at each stage.
    • Movements may be restricted at stages or between areas of the festival in order to avoid congestion.
  • Please follow instructions from festival staff inside and outside the festival. Those who refuse to follow instructions from festival staff will be removed / barred from the festival.
  • Please refrain from bringing gifts, etc., for artists.
  • Please promptly exit when the festival finishes. Please also avoid gathering in large groups once at the festival.

Tickets will not be refunded in the case of removal from the festival.
Thank you for your cooperation in monitoring your health prior to coming to the festival.

Measures to Prevent Infection Among Staff & Artists

  • All performers and staff will be checked for fever and measures to prevent the spread of disease will be implemented.
    • Staff members who are found to have a fever or feel unwell will not be permitted to work.
  • All staff will be required to wear a mask or face shield while working (artists will be allowed to remove face coverings during performances).
  • Toilets, dining facilities, merchandise tents and other public spaces will be sanitized regularly.
  • Social distancing will be enforced in staff and backyard areas and indoor areas will be ventilated at regular intervals.
  • A minimum of 2 meters will be opened between stages and audience areas.
  • Official tour busses and the shuttle bus between JR Echigo Yuzawa station will implement measures preventing infection outlined in the Tourism and Bus Industry Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines.
  • Social distancing will be enforced in staff and backyard areas and indoor areas will be ventilated at regular intervals.

Further appropriate preventative measures may be implemented based on infection rates.
Any changes to rules and regulations or restrictions will be updated promptly.