Applications for Early Bird Discount Begins Saturday Jan 19th!

Fuji Rock Early Bird Discount Tickets Available! 3 Day Ticket Priced Down From ¥45,000 to ¥36,000!

Early Bird Discount tickets sell out every year! Don’t miss your chance to purchase tickets to the festival at a greatly discounted price! Apply for your Early Bird Discount now! 3 Day Ticket Priced Down From ¥45,000 to ¥36,000!

SMASH Friends member priority application (first come first served) Fri Jan 11, 10:00 – Mon Jan 14 18:00
Website Application (by lottery) Sat Jan 19 10:00 – Sun Jan 27 23:00
Storefront Purchase (first come first served) Vouchers available beginning Sat Feb 2 6:00 –
  • Applications are limited to one per person. Please note that multiple applications will be deemed void.
    (Maximum number of tickets, etc., per application: 2 festival tickets, 1 parking ticket, 2 campsite tickets.)
  • The number of available campsite tickets will be limited to the maximum number of available festival tickets.
  • Sole purchase of parking and or campsite tickets is not permitted. Applications must be made along with a festival ticket(s).
  • Purchase of campsite tickets only will be permitted beginning with the Advance Ticket sales.
    Those who have purchased “Early Bird Discount Ticket(s)” may purchase an additional campsite ticket at a later date.
    (Please note that purchase of Parking Tickets only will not be available at any sales time.)

Purchases will be based on a strict lottery system!