Discounted Early Bird Tickets sold out!
The line up has been announced and all ticket types will now go on sale!

Buy Early and Save!

Ticket prices during advance ticket sales are less then during general ticket sales.

Wristbands sent to you in advance!

Choose “”Delivery”” when purchasing tickets to have your wristbands sent to you in advance.
Save time by not having to wait in line to get your wristband when entering the festival.

Middle school aged children and younger enter for free!

Middle school aged children (and younger) who are accompanied by an adult can enter the festival for free. Enjoy the festival with your whole family.

Please note that some festival rules and regulations have changed due to the corona virus.
Be sure to fully read and understand the Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of Infection and the festival rules and regulations before purchasing your tickets.

Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of Infection

Registering Personal Details

The registration of personal details is required when purchasing tickets and on the official festival app when entering the festival.

  • All personal information will be stored appropriately for use in contact tracing in the event of an infection and will be provided to health authorities as necessary.
  • Those who refuse to register their personal information will not be permitted to enter the festival.
  • Details concerning the official app will be announced at a later date.

Festival Entry Ticket

On Sale Schedule 1 Day Ticket 2 Day Ticket 3 Day Ticket
Advance Ticket Sales
Friday April 1st to Thursday June 16th
¥20,000 ¥36,000 ¥46,000
General Ticket Sales
From Friday June 17th
¥21,000 ¥38,000 ¥49,000

Parking Ticket

¥4,000 (for 1 vehicle / per 1 day *Valid for minimum 2 people)

Campsite Ticket

¥4,000 (for 1 person / valid for duration of festival)

Moon Caravan Ticket

Ticket for use of Moon Caravan automobile camp site.

4 wheel vehicle ticket ¥15,000 (per vehicle *Valid for minimum of 2 people)
+ Campsite use fee ¥4,000 (per person)
+ Festival Entry Ticket (3 Day Tickets only)
2 wheel vehicle ticket ¥7,500 (per vehicle *valid for 1 person)
+ Campsite use fee ¥4,000 (per person)
+ Festival Entry ticket (3 Day Tickets only)
  • Only limited number of tickets available during advance ticket sales.
  • Please be sure to read and fully understand all festival rules and regulations prior to purchasing tickets.

TIPS!When Purchasing Tickets

  • First round advance ticket are available for purchase via e+, Ticket PIA, and the FRF Official Shop Gan-Ban.
    • 「When Purchasing Parking Ticket」
      Available for purchase online via the Gan-Ban website.
    • 「When only purchasing festival entry tickets and campsite tickets.」
      Available for purchase at above outlets and Seven Eleven ticket terminals.
    • 「When purchasing Moon Caravan Tickets」
      Only available for purchase online via e+
  • Those using official tours
    Festival entry tickets are available for purchase at the same time as official tours.

Ticket Details