Buy early and save on Fuji Rock tickets!

Discounted advance ticket sales end June 1st!

Buy your festival tickets early and save! Discounted advance tickets now available for purchase!

Entry free of charge for school aged children under 15 years old, those under 22 years of age eligible for furhter discounts!

Buy Early and Save!

Discounted festival entry tickets available during advanced ticketing!

Get Your Wristband in Advance!

Enter smoothly without having to exchange your ticket for a wristband at the festival!
Choose “Delivery” after purchasing your ticket to receive your wristband in advance.

Middle school aged children enter free of charge! Discounted Under 22 tickets also available!

Go to Fuji Rock with the whole family!
Middle school aged children and younger accompanied by an adult can enter the festival for free.

Discounted 1 Day Tickets available for people aged 22 and younger also available.

Available Ticket Types

  • Festival Entry Tickets
    3 Day Ticket, 1 Day Ticket, 1 Day Discounted Ticket 【Under22】
  • Campsite Ticket
  • Parking Ticket
    3 Day Parking Ticket 【A Parking Area】・1 Day Ticket
    *3 Day Parking Tickets for the S Parking Area have sold out.
  • Moon Caravan Ticket
    4 Wheel Vehicle & 2 Wheel Vehicle (Motorcycle) Tickets
    *Only available for purchase within Japan.


  • Motorcycles
    Parking for motorcycles is available at the No. 1 Festival Parking Area. Cost per motocycle is ¥2,000 (cash only / valid for duration of festival).
  • Furusato Nozei
    33 different types of discounts and more are now available via Furusato Nozei for Yuzawa including 3,000 yen coupon for food and drink to tickets and parking, bus tours and more. (*Limited to Furusato Choice)
  • New 「FUJI ROCK PLUS」 Pass
    Move around the festival with ease and dine in comfort with new service that makes enjoying music at the festival more comfortable.
    Fuji Rock Plus passes are available to purchase as a optional add-on.
    *Only available for purchase via e+ and Gan-Ban.
  • Only a limited number of each ticket type will be available for purchase during the advance ticketing period.
  • Please be sure to read and fully understand all rules and regulations before purchasing your ticket(s).

TIPS!Tickets Available for Purchase from Overseas!

  • English, Chinese, and Thai language services available depending on ticket outlet.
  • Parking tickets only available for overseas purchase via the FRF Official Shop Gan-Ban.
  • Fuji Rock Plus Passes are only available for purchase from overseas via e+ and Gan-Ban.
  • Moon Caravan Tickets only available for purchase within Japan.