JR Shinkansen Plan Departing from Niigata & Nagaoka Stations Now Available!

There are three main ways of getting to Fuji Rock Festival, Car, Official Bus Tours and Shinkansen.
Car offers flexibility, Official Bus Tours depart from 22 cities across Japan and take you directly to the festival, but this year it’s all about taking the train!

Save with the “Round Trip JR Shinkansen + Festival Ticket Pack”!
Now departing from Niigata and Nagaoka in addition to Tokyo, Ueno, Omiya, Kumagay and, Honjo Waseda stations!

Now also introducing the Shinkansen Pack Fast Lane at Echigo Yuzawa station! Get priority boarding for the festival shuttle bus when you arrive at Echigo Yuzawa! (Limited to those who purchase a Shinkansen Pack Ticket. Limited to 1 time per person. Purchase of Y500 bus ticket required.)


★Available from 1 person.
★Lodging option in Echigo Yuzawa station area also available.
★Camping ticket option also available.

  • 《Departing Stations》
    Tokyo, Ueno, Omiya, Kumagaya, Honjo Waseda, Takasaki
  • 《New Niigata Station and Nagaoka Station plans now available》
    Available starting 11am Fri June 7th!

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【For those residing overseas】
Those residing overseas please contact the Fuji Rock Official Shop Gan-Ban
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