Fuji Rock Goodwill Guides Wanted!

Want to help people visiting from overseas at Fuji Rock overcome the language barrier and enjoy themselves at the festival?
Meet people from diverse backgrounds at Fuji Rock and be exposed to different values.
Fuji Rock Goodwill Guide Staff Wanted! Become a part of the goodwill interpreter at Fuji Rock!

Being able to ask about the little things can be a great comfort.
This is the same for not only Fuji Rock but anywhere in the world where you don’t speak the language.

We’re looking for people who will be attending this year’s Fuji Rock and speak a language other than Japanese to be a FRFGG (Fuji Rock Festival Goodwill Guide = Volunteer Interpreter) and help members of the audience visiting from overseas.
Fluency not required. People who want to practice speaking are also welcome.

Take part and help someone create lasting memories of Fuji Rock, and create memories of your own by helping others! Let’s make Fuji Rock better togehter!

FRFGG (Fuji Rock Festival Goodwill Guide = Volunteer Interpreter)

FRFGG volunteers are needed for not only inside the festival but the parking lots, the shuttle bus, Echigo-Yuzawa station, and lodging facilities to help overcome language barriers.

Be exposed to diverse ways of thinking and peoples through communication and make your Fuji Rock experience a more fullfilling one by volunteering!

Registration Period 12:00pm Friday June 9th ~ 18:00 Sunday July 30th

  • Registration available at the 「Box Office for Overseas Customer」 located prior to the festival entrance at the festival.
Eligibility Those with a festival entry ticket for Fuji Rock ’23 who are willing to volunteer.
Application Process Register via the form below.
(Registration info includes name, contact information, applicable language, etc.)
  • Participants will be asked to wear a name tag identifying them as a FRFGG volunteer which lists their language and nickname.
  • Registrants are asked to visit the 「Box Office for Overseas Customers」 located in the service area on arrival to the festival.
  • Registration Schedule
    • 12:00~24:00 Thursday July 27th
    • 9:00~24:00 Friday July 28th & Saturday July 29th
    • 9:00~18:00 Sunday July 30th