Midnight stage is back! Each stage’s line up info here!

Here is the info you’ve all been waiting for the line up for each stage! Check out who is playing at the Green, White, Red Marquee and Field of Heaven Stages!
Party all night at the Red Marquee with performances until 5 am!

Masayuki Suzuki, who’s career spans 40 years but is considered a new-comer to the anime song genre makes his Fuji Rock debut on Sunday at the White Stage!

Acidclank, who performed at Rookie A Go-Go last year and was voted in on the “Aim for the Main Stage Project” will be performing at the Red Marquee on Sunday!

With the Red Marquee open all night once again, the party will last all night at Fuji Rock with Yaffle making their festival debut playing a live set, the acclaimed electronic musicians from Nagoya, a.k.a. foodman and more on Friday!

Night Tempo who was booked for the Friday night will be performing a special Showa-era groove DJ set on the Saturday night! Don’t miss lyricist and song writer Zombie-Chang and their unique world view, and leader of Tokyo’s house music scene, CYK!

And the last night of Fuji Rock brings us Mr. Fuji Rock, Takkyu Ishino, the Fake Creators (Lite, De De Mouse), and Fumiya Tanaka challenging himself to a long DJ set like never before.

Only six weeks remain until the Fuji Rock Festival party starts at Naeba!