Experience Fuji Rock in the middle of Tokyo ahead of the festival!
Pre-festival event to be held at Tokyo Midtown Yaesu for ten days starting July 8th!

  • Line up for free concert and timetable info here!
    Acoustic live performances by veteran Fuji Rock artists featured every weekend and holidays during the event!
  • Details of DJ event now available!
    FUJI ROCK SQUARE coming to 2F Yaesu Public! Fuji Rock’s favorite DJs to appear at event!

Event to feature workshops, festival gourmet and more!

The last pre-festival event of the summer kicks off at Yaesu, where festival goers will board the SHinkansen to head to Naeba.

For ten days from July 8th to July 17th, Fuji Rock is coming to Tokyo Midtown Yaesu! Get a head start on the summer with the atmosphere of Fuji Rock right in the middle of Tokyo!

Start off your Fuji Rock ’23 at FUJI ROCK WEEK at Tokyo Midtown Yaesu!

FUJI ROCK WEEK at Tokyo Midtown Yaesu

Event Dates July 8th to July 17th, 2023
Event Location Tokyo Midtown Yaesu
1st Floor Galleria, 2nd Floor Yaesu Public

Live performances, workshops, and gourmet festival food from Fuji Rock gather at 1F Galleria for Fuji Rock Garden Event!

The 1F Galleria is turning into the FUJI ROCK GARDEN during the event! Area will feature live performances, workshops, and popular food items from the festival, all in a space transformed into Fuji Rock!

Acoustic Live Music & Talk Show (free of charge)

Each weekend and holiday during the event (July 8, 9, 15, 16, 17) will feature acoustic live performances by 14 artists each with a deep history at Fuji Rock. The event will also feature a talk show with Shotaro Tsuda and special guests.

Sat July 8th

  • 君島 大空 (独奏)

  • MIZ

  • 田島 貴男
    (Original Love)

Sun July 9th

  • 瑛子&Rina
    from EYRIE

  • 藤原 さくら

  • 高野 寛

Sat July 15th

  • 曽我部 恵一

  • Michael Kaneko

  • T字路s

Sun July 16th

  • 磯野くん

    (Festival Life)
    with Special Guest

  • 優河
    with 千葉広樹

Mon July 17th

  • 草田一駿

  • ユカリサ

  • DYGL


Popular workshops from Fuji Rock’s KIDS LAND will be held at the event.
・Workshops will be held at 11:00~12:00、13:00~14:00、15:00~16:00 on each day. (First come first served basis.)

  • 「KeyFooder」 from left-overs
    Make your own keyholder using old wooden key fobs (a KeyFooder!) from sento bathhouses.

    • Workshop Dates:Sat July 8th, Sun July 9th
    • Participation Fee:¥500
  • Rock ‘n Metal Mushi Bug
    Create a bug using soft wire and newspaper!

    • Workshop Dates:Sat July 8th, Sun July 9th
    • Participation Fee:¥500

  • Fashion from Scraps
    Make your own fashion accessories such as hairbands and earrings using scrap materials produced in the manufacture of clothing and fabric items.

    • Workshop Dates:Sat July 15th, Sun July 16th, Mon July 17th
    • Participation Fee:¥500 to ¥1,000

  • Mr. Teru Teru Workshop
    Help bring the sunshine to Fuji Rock!
    Help make it sunny at the festival by making your own TeruTeruBozu doll.

    • Workshop Dates:Sat July 15th, Sun July 16th, Mon July 17th
    • Participation Fee:¥500

  • 100mermaids
    Choose your favorite body out of the various leftover dolls to create your own doll using many different recycled amterials!

    • Workshop Dates:Mon July 17th
    • Participation Fee:¥3,000~

Food Trucks

Fuji Rock’s famous food stalls are coming to Yaesu as food trucks for a limited time only!
Available weekdays 11:00am to 3:00pm & 11:00am to 6:00pm on weekends & holidays

Naeba Shokudo Favorite 「Kirizaimeshi」 600円
Echigo’s Famous MochiButa Don 700円

2F Yaesu Public becomes FUJI ROCK SQUARE! To feature DJs and Pop Up Store!

The 2F Yaesu Public area will become FUJI ROCK SQUARE during the event!
Area to feature favorite DJs from the festival, and pop up store by the festival’s official shop, “Gan-Ban” for a sound and visually stimulating Fuji Rock event!

DJ Event

Recreating the atmosphere of Fuji Rock Festival with live DJ performacnes while surrounded by decorations from the festival including photos, flags, and video from the festival.

Sat July 8th 19:00〜21:00


Wed July 12th 19:00〜21:00

    Featuring Shotaro Tsuda & Reira Okuhama

Thu July 13th 19:00〜21:00

  • George Williams

Sat July 15th 19:00〜21:00


Fuji Rock Festival Tickets & Merchandise

The official Fuji Rock shop, “Gan-Ban” will appear as a pop up store during the event. Purchase this year’s festival merchandise or tickets to the festival – all with festival staff there to answer any questions you have about the festival.

Grand Lottery Those who purchase festival entry tickets at the event can enter the Grand Lottery for a chance to win great prizes.
Examples of prizes include coupons to stay at the Naeba Prince hotel, tickets on official festival tour busses, and outdoor goods.
Festival Tour Consultations Consultations for those going to Fuji Rock about official tour packages will be held at the event.
Find the perfect plan for you based on where you live, when you’re going to the festival, etc.
<Consultation Schedule>
11:00~18:00 Saturday July 8th, Sunday July 9th

FUJI ROCK WEEK at Tokyo Midtown Yaesu