ROOKIE A GO-GO Performers Announced!

This Year’s Lineup Selected to the Gateway to stardom for New Artists that is the “ROOKIE A GO-GO” Stage!
Thank you to all the applicants from all across the country.
Chosen amongst the 1,500 applications, these 15 Rookie groups have the winning ticket to this year’s Naeba!

7/26(F) KOTORI / E.scene / HOPI / paranoid void / mildrage
7/27(Sa) Yuransen/ Kimishima Ohzora /Akimi Morinaga & il paradiso / YAZEKA / World Maps
7/28(Su) AGATHA / Hoon/ Yuragi/ MIRRROR / dodo

ROOKIE A GOGO has produced many bands over the years. This year also boasts 15 new up-and-comer Rookies!

With representation from a wide array of genres, the uniqueness of the emotions put into the music by each band is something to check out. Seeing the show with your own eyes, and feeling the music pulse through your body is a must-do!
Also as MCs this year, UNITED MONSTERS will be pumping the crowd up!

The music of these highly anticipated 15 groups are currently available to hear!
Check it out along with the Artist’s details!!