Make the nature and music of Naeba the most memorable experience of the summer.

The best music and nature. Enjoy them at the same time at Fuji Rock!
Creative activities are waiting for you at Naeba this summer.
Fuji Rock, the “playground” for adults and children alike, awaits you again this year.

KEEN Kid’s Adventure in FUJI ROCK

KIDS ADVENTURE in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL program for children to explore the venue will be held again this year!

This program is for kids in elementary school. There will be a Canyon Course to enjoy playing in the river and Forest & River Course to enjoy playing in the forest. As a bonus for participating in the event, you will receive a rental pair of KEEN kids’ shoes and data of the photo taken by an official KEEN photographer.

*Registration is required in advance. Registration Form

  • Program
    3 sessions per day for each course/30 people per session
    ・Canyon Course (River Activities)
    ・Forest & River Course (Forest Activities)
  • Target Age
    Elementary school
  • Participation Fee
    ¥2,500 per session (Tax included, insurance premium included)
  • Things to Bring
    Hat, water bottle, clothes you don’t mind getting wet, mask (optional), bug repellent, towel
  • Program Schedule
    ・Morning 9:20-11:20
    ・Day time 11:45-13:45
    ・Afternoon 14:45-16:45 (Approx. 2 hours per session)
  • Participation Bonus
    Participants will receive a rental pair of KEEN kids’ shoes and data of the photo taken by an official KEEN photographer

【The Forest Piano】


“The Forest Piano” was born with the wish for the visitors of Fuji rock, where people who love music and nature gather, to enjoy music even more together.

An old piano that quietly remained in Mikuni Elementary School, a closed-down school with a history of more than 100 years in the local area, will be revived together with “Mokudo-tei” as a street piano that can be played by anyone.

Whether a visitor or a musician, anyone is invited to play. Would you like to play in the great nature of Fuji Rock? Participants are welcome!

Available time: 10:00 – 21:00 each day

【The Croissant Circus】
@Pyramid Garden

A live wordless circus act and pantomime performance by Croissant Circus, featuring a live band and performers.

Tightrope! Juggling, aerial arts, and more! A unique groove and circus space with performers with quality skills and a band composed of members with deep roots in the Kansai region will perform at Pyramid Garden!
The original circus tent comes into view fluttering in the wind like a large 20-meter-diameter disc, and at night it blends beautifully into the magical sight of the Pyramid Garden, creating an enchanting time!

12:00 – 12:40 each day

《Circus Experience – Aerial Workshop》

A workshop by the Croissant Circus aerial performers using aerial rings. In addition to a one-on-one session on one to two tricks, there are also tightrope walking and ball-riding experiences!

【Outdoor Theater】
@Tokoro Tengoku

There is something special about watching a movie under the night sky in the forest of Naeba, surrounded by trees and rivers. Each year, films unique to Fuji Rock are screened.

《This Year’s Screening Line Up》

  • The United States vs. Billie Holiday
  • It’s Tough Being a Man-Tora-san’s Lovesick (Series No.13)
  • Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan

For more information >>>

【Outdoor Yose Stage/Takenoko-tei】
@Tokoro Tengoku

The “Outdoor Yose Stage Takenoko-tei,” located in Tokoro Tengoku, a riverside resting area, will host fun events such as yose stages and impersonations again this year!
In addition to authentic rakugo by master rakugo storyteller Suzusha Maruko, Tommy Tomioka (parody performance), Uncle Kinema (monologue), Reipa Sato (Impersonation), and SAKU YANAGAWA (stand-up comedy) will make guest appearances!

Check out the following Twitter account for performance times and other latest information!

【Sakura Circus】

The nightly performances at THE PALACE OF WONDER, located just before the entrance gate, include a powerful giant wheel and the award-winning, unprecedented balancing act Hand to Hand. Don’t miss the breathtaking performances!

【Workshops・Variety Stores & others】

Day Dreaming

  • 『Silkscreen』
    You can have your favorite design printed on FUJI ROCK/DAY DREAMING T-shirts or hand towels that you bring in on the spot.

  • Kids Area by Nekkopocco
    A kids’ area is available for children to play freely in their own way. There will be plenty of activities to stimulate creativity.

Gypsy Avalon

  • Ban Ban Bangle
    A workshop to make a bangle or ring. You can engrave your favorite words of your own choice.

  • 100mermaids workshop
    This workshop allows participants to choose their favorite stuffed animal from a variety of choices and make their own original stuffed animal by drawing with a pen and applying various materials. You can participate and have fun as a family.

  • Ibunka no kaze Sakae
    Hemp accessory-making workshop, suitable to participate with children.
    ーClothing also available for sale

  • Monogatari Market
    Learn how to make moisturizing Aleppo soap, clay skin care, aromatic cosmetics, and more with handmade lessons.
    ーSocks and tenugui hand towels also available for sale

  • Renature& Friends
    Palm stamping workshop where you can experience art on T-shirts, eco bags, and stainless steel water bottles. Mehndi (henna tattoo) experience is also available.
    ーApparel products made from hemp and other organic materials also available for sale

  • Crossroad
    Kalimba making workshop
    ーEthnic instruments, clothing, and other goods also available for sale

  • Yumtso
    ーHerb-dyed, hand-woven, and sashiko-stitched handmade clothes and goods, as well as Asian everyday items are available for sale.

  • sclap
    Workshop for making cartons (small dish containers) using scraps and leftover fabric.

  • hedonism
    Workshop for silkscreening on T-shirts and other materials brought in.

  • Moyamoya Paint
    Get along with your frustrated emotions, or “moyamoya,” by expressing them in a fun and cute way!
    Paint the “Moyamoya-kun” monster on your own items such as boots and tumblers!

  • Teruteru-san Workshop
    Bring the Sun to Fuji Rock! Teruteru-san” is a teru teru bozu doll to make a wish upon the sun. Children are welcome. Create original teru teru bozu dolls by giving them raincoats and faces.

  • Nagaremon
    Create original monsters made with marine debris. Add eyes, a nose, and a mouth on various marine debris and create your own “Nagaremon.”

  • My 1st FUJIROCK Button Badge
    The theme is “My 1st Fujirock.” Make an original badge by stamping the number of times you’ve been to Fuji Rock on a piece of fabric!

  • ccessories with scraps
    Whether it’s knitted or rolled up, the scraps or fabric give different impressions depending on the combination. Make your own accessories such as pompom hair bands, earrings, sunglasses, and mask straps using leftover scraps of fabric.

  • Keyfuda
    Turn discarded “wooden tags” from public bathhouses into “key holders.” Join to make a “Keyfuda” that is a little difficult to use, but somehow nostalgic.

Kid’s Workshop


  • Create an insect that’s rock and metal!』
    Make your own insect using soft wire, newspaper, and metal tape!
    ●Time: 11:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00 *Closes when all materials are gone for the day

  • Mori no Omamori (Amulet of the Forest)
    Make amulets with your favorite branches and colorful yarn!
    ●Time: 11:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00 *Closes when all materials are gone for the day


Gypsy Avalon

  • Rengedou
    This body care space has been participating in the festival since 1998. The practitioners, who have inherited the skills and passion from their predecessors are ready to heal the fatigue of Fuji Rockers. Reservations can be made at the store.

Street Performance

Walking around the venue, visitors will often witness amazing magic tricks, juggling and pantomime performances, and human statues that could be mistaken for real ones. Following are the introductions of the street performers who bring fun elements to the venue.

  • Performer Syo
    A new generation of performers enhancing the traditional style of street performance. Champion in two world street performance competitions in Bangkok in 2015 and Korea in 2019! High-level skills combined with talk, and an entertainment show that pursues both “skill” and “laughter”!

    Physical comedy duo by Masashi Kakutani and Keisuke Hamaguchi. Taking a multifaceted view of everyday life, they present playful performances that combine precision and improvisation based on pantomime and clowning techniques. They have been invited to national and international theater and street performance festivals, and in 2019 won the Best Comedy award at the Asian Arts Awards 2019 that took place at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world.

  • Geinin Makoto
    Flames, words, and magic. Full-on laziness. Seriousness and untruthfulness More lies than truth. ROCK PERFORMER who loves FUJI ROCK from the bottom of their heart!

  • Mami Kano
    Dressed in blue jersey, today is another day of trails of animals and laughter. A critical body-blowing pantomime picture scroll dedicated to all adults and children who sincerely work on their minute choices every day. Every year I think this is the last time I will come to Fuji Rock, but here I am again. This is the last time.

  • Shucho
    A wild appearance unlikely for a street performer. Unapproachable at first glance, his words and movements are gentle and cute, and many people are attracted by this gap!

    This is the third time participating this year. Various balancing tricks will be performed to the music. The group gymnastics performance once awarded the best in Japan, is a must-see in particular! All-out performance whether rain or shine!

  • Bold Yamada
    Statue performer that appears when you least expect it.

  • Astronauts
    Human statue modeled after an astronaut.
    When you throw in a coin, it gives a “weightless” performance.

  • Freddie-no
    A mysterious restaurant suddenly opens in town! And the owner is… is that Freddie Mercury? What kind of menu will it open with today? Stylish and cynical, but you can’t help but laugh! You never know what will happen! Enjoy the thrilling 30 minutes! And oh yes everyone, beware of the pigeons!

    A roller-coaster musical clown that runs through the performance with tremendous excteiment, incidentally involving those who are present, along with melodies one after another without repetition.

  • Kenta Kawamura
    Having “Mind-blowing! Magic show” as the concept, the audience is captivated by its spectacular performances.

  • Masato Moja
    Long hair and white face. His exquisite timing creates a mysterious sense of oneness in the audience. You may find out the schedule of the day’s show by checking Twitter and Instagram.

Various Services

Yellow Cliff

  • au STARLINK Free Wi-fi Spot
    Free Wi-Fi using Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency satellite communications will be available in the booth for au users and non-au users alike.
    The booth will also feature an event where visitors can receive a waterproof smartphone case.

  • Jackery Charging Area
    At the Jackery Japan booth, visitors can charge their smartphones with a portable power supply in the Charging Area.
    ※Due to a time changeover system, numbered tickets will be distributed from 10:30.
    ※You will receive a numbered ticket for the charging time of your choice.
    ※Please understand this event will end when the number of users reaches the limit. https://www.jackery.jp/


  • UCC BLACK SUGAR-FREE -Let’s walk with Coffee-
    Buy a collaboration mug sold at the UCC booth and receive unlimited coffee refills during the event. Children of elementary school age and younger will receive coffee with milk.

  • Causette.Joli Nail Enamel Bar
    This year’s color “Nabae no Sora 23 Shugyoku” was inspired by the clear blue sky at the site of Fuji Rock.
    Causette.Joli staff will provide manicure services to anyone who visits the booth.
    This year, as a special local exclusive item, peel-off water-based nail polish for children will also be available.


Pyramid Garden

    Play a capsule toy machine that looks like “LOGOS The KAMADO,” a LOGOS item that lets you cook pizzas and other items in the oven.
    In addition to novelty stickers gifted to all participants, you may also win gorgeous prizes such as Logos products.


    Help Booby jump from the platform through the hole, tilt the platform left and right while aiming for the goal, and other games that make you shout out and win gorgeous prizes.
    Participation: \500 per game


  • Iichiko
    Bring in your finished cup and join the STOP THE 11.15 SECOND FESTIVAL. Start the stopwatch at 10 seconds and stop at 11.15 seconds (I, I, CHI, KO) to succeed in the challenge! Stop between 11.14 seconds and 11.16 seconds and win a prize!

  • Johnnie Walker
    Post a photo of you enjoying Fuji Rock on social media with 「#ジョニーウォーカー」 to join a capsule toy campaign and win an original towel scarf, an original T-shirt, and more.


    Follow and retweet Cocalero on Twitter to receive a limited original waterproof phone case. An original coca bomb cushion will also be given away by lottery.


  • Tower Records
    Follow both official Tower Records Instagram accounts (@tower_nmnl,@towerrecords_japan) and you will be entered into a drawing to win your choice of a Johnnie Walker HIGH BALL BAR drink ticket, Tower Records original zipper bag or Tower Records original carabiner.