Facility & Stage Guide

This year’s festival will be decreasing the number of stages and expanding the audience hospitality area in order to implement social distancing.

・The number of stages will be halved this year.

・A new expansive food and shop area, Yellow Cliff will be built just inside the festival entrance gate.

・The Oasis, Tokorotengoku, and Orange Cafe food areas in addition to teh Avalon Field will be designated as food areas and the stages, NGO Village and vendor booths normally at each area will be moved to the NEW POWER GEAR Field / Gypsy Avalon area built further inside the festival.

Smaller stages will be moved to larger areas and the capacity of each stage will be lessened to control the number of people in each area.
We ask that each and every person coming to the festival cooperate with the many rules and regulations set forth but the festival will strive to create a secure relaxing environment where everyone can enjoy nature.

Stage & Facilities