Fuji Rock is finally about to start!
Information on coming to the venue and other useful tips on the day of the event can be found below.

Safe travels and see you at Naeba!

Getting Ready for Fuji Rock? 〜Tips on what to take and wear〜

As weather and temperatures in the mountains can vary widely, visitors are recommended to bring items suitable for all weather conditions.

  • List of things to bring
  • Recommended outfits for different scenarios

Getting Ready for FUJI ROCK?

Fuji Rock Official App (Free)

FRF 2023 Official App has been released. Includes functions convenient for the day of the event, such as MY TIME TABLE function and push notifications for the latest information. Get real-time info and push notifications of congestions within the festival.

  • AREA MAP provides useful information on facilities.
  • Make your own timetable with the MY TIME TABLE function.
  • Register performers in My Time Table and My Artist to receive notifications on their performances.

Download Fuji Rock Official App (Free) here

※Please update the app to the 2023 version if you have the 2022 version installed.

Timetables & Area Maps

PDF versions of area maps and timetables now available. For those unable to download the app or who would like to have the information on hand in addition to the app, please download the PDF version here.

    7/28 FRI

    7/29 SAT

    7/30 SUN


Shuttle Bus Schedules

There will be a shuttle bus available between Echigoyuzawa station and the festival and the outer parking areas and the festival. Multiple shuttle buses will operate between Echigoyuzawa station and the festival and the outer parking areas and the festival. Please make sure to check the first and last bus times beforehand.

  • Those lodging in the Tashiro/Mitsumata area can use the shuttle bus services.
  • Bus fare for those boarding the shuttle bus from JR Echigoyuzawa Station is ¥1,000. Return trip is free of charge.
  • E-payment or cash payment accepted

Shuttle Bus Schedules

Wristband Exchange

  • For those who have received wristbands beforehand
    : Please proceed to the entrance gate.
  • For those with admission tickets
    Please exchange admission tickets with wristbands at the festival.

    • For those with admission tickets please exchange your tickets with wristbands at the Wristband Exchange in front of the Yellow Cliff before proceeding to the entrance gate.
  • Notice
    • Tickets and wristbands will not be reissued under any circumstances.
    • Please be aware that those who do not have their wristbands on will be asked to exit the festival.
    • Reentry will not be allowed once wristbands are taken off. Please do not take off wristbands until leaving the festival.
    • You will be asked to show wristbands when getting on the shuttle bus to leave the festival.
    • Please keep the ticket stub returned at the time of wristband exchange until the end of the festival as it proof of purchase.
  • Wristband Exchange Hours
    7/27(Thu)12PM to 7/31(Mon)5AM
  • How to put on wristbands

    • Push up the self-lock so it doesn’t fall off.
    • Make sure the wristband is secure and on your wrist.


  • Stage & Faclity Guide
    In addition to the stage, various amusements and facilities can be enjoyed.
    More information on Stage & Facility
  • Festival Gourmet
    Menus this year again feature a variety of foods from around the world!
    More information on food vendors for each area
  • Goods
      • Official Merchandise Booths
        Location:YELLOW CLIFF
        Items Available:FRF ’23 Official Merchandise
        ☆Credit card, e-payment, and cash accepted.
      • Artist Merchandise Booths
        ①Artists performing at GREEN STAGE、WHITE STAGE、RED MARQUEE
        Location:YELLOW CLIFF
        ☆Credit card, e-payment, and cash accepted.

    ②Artists performing at FIELD OF HEAVEN
    Location:FIELD OF HEAVEN
    Hours: 11:30〜21:30
    ☆Credit card, e-payment, and cash accepted.

  • CDs, records of performing artists
    Location:Official Shop Gan-Ban located in YELLOW CLIFF area
    ☆Credit card, e-payment, and cash accepted.
    More information on on-site goods

When in need of help

Frequently asked questions can be seen on the FAQ page

  • Tips for first-time Fuji Rockers on how to prepare luggage
  • Festival manners
  • Information for those coming with children and for those with disabilities
  • Other related services such as package pickups and baggage storage
  • Regarding the campsite



Fuji Rock can only advance to a new stage of its evolution if every one of us takes the actions necessary to create a comfortable environment for all while making everlasting summer memories.