Information for those attending Fuji Rock

Check here for tips and information about going to the festival.

Fuji Rock Festival ’21 is coming up next week and today’s temperature here in Naeba is a comfortable 24 degrees but have been dropping to a cold 15 degrees and below in the early morning hours. The smell of autumn is in the air up here on the mountain.

Please be sure to prepare for both measures against infection and weather when getting ready to come to Fuji Rock this year.

Managing Health

  • Prior to Coming to the Festival
    • Please be sure to take your temperature everyday for 7 days prior to coming to the festival.
    • Those who have a temperature of over 37.5℃ within 7 days of coming to the festival should refrain from attending. Please note that tickets will be refunded in this case.
      Regarding Ticket Refunds
    • Please be sure to check and understand the guidelines to prevent the spread of infection before coming to the festival.
  • During the Festival
    • Naeba in August can be quite cold with temperatures dropping to 10 degrees or below during the early morning hours.
      Please be sure to bring clothing and other items to prevent catching cold or fever.
      Regarding Naeba in August
  • After the Festival
    • Please refrain from attending large get togethers, continue to keep track of your health and implement measures to stop the spread of infection after attending the festival.

Official Fuji Rock App Registration

  • Those attending the festival will be required to download and register with the official Fuji Rock Festival app.
    This year, all those attending the festival will be required to download, install and register personal information on the official festival app prior to entering the festival.

    • Please download the official app (free) and input details from “Personal Details” on the top page.
    • On the day of your arrival to the festival, please be sure to enter all required info on the health checksheet (temperature, etc.).
      (Health checksheet will be available starting August 18th.)
    • All those attending the festival will be required to register required details.
      About the Fuji Rock Official App

Shuttle Bus Operation

  • Shuttle bus services will be operating between Echigoyuzawa Station and the festival and each parking area.
    • Shuttle bus service will be available between JR Echigoyuzawa Station and the festival, and each parking area and the festival. Please be sure to check times of operation for each bus route.
    • Those staying in the Tashiro / Mitsumata areas will also be able to use the shuttle bus.
    • Payment of ¥1,000 will be required upon boarding the bus at Echigoyuzawa station. Return trip is free of charge.
  • Please Note
    • Masks must be worn at all times.
    • Eating and drinking other then water to hydrate is not allowed on the shuttle busses.
    • Please refrain from speaking while on the bus. Speaking in loud voices is prohibitted.
    • Please be sure to follow instructions of staff while waiting for the shuttle bus and always keep social distance from other users.
    • Temperature check will be taken for all those boarding the shuttle busses. Those with a temperature of over 37.5℃ or who refuse to take their temperature will not be permitted to board the bus.

Shuttle Bus Schudule

About Wristband Exchange

  • Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands at the festival.
    • Those who received their wristbands in advance should attach them and proceed to the entrance gate.
    • Those with entry tickets should go to the wristband exchange booth located in the outer shop area to exchange tickets for wristbands then proceed to the entrance gate.
  • Please Note
    • Wristbands will not be replaced under any circumstances if lost.
    • Please be careful as those without a wristband will be ejected from the festival.
    • Do not take off your wristband as you will not be permitted to re-enter the festival without one. Do not remove your wristband until departing the festival.
    • Wristbands will be required to use the return shuttle bus.
    • The ticket stub returned to you upon exchanging your ticket for the wristband is your proof of purchase and should be stored until after the festival.
  • Wristband Exchange Booth Schedule
    • August 19th 12:00~21:00
    • August 20th 7:00~24:00
    • August 21st 7:00~24:00
    • August 22nd 7:00~24:00
  • How to Attach Wristband

    • Be sure to push the self lock up to a position where the wristband can not fall from your wrist.
    • Be sure to attach your wristband to your wrist and check that it is securly fastened.

About Lost Items

  • Regarding items lost during the festival.
    • Fri Aug 20 to Sun Aug 22
      Open: 9:00~24:00 each day
      Location: Festival Information Booth (Oasis area)
    • Mon Aug 23
      Open: 9:00~12:00
      Location: next to Entrance Gate
  • Regarding items lost after the festival
    • From 10:00 am Thur August 26th
      Please direct inquiries to the Lost & Found desk at the Niigata Prefecture Minami Uonuma Police station.
      [Contact Information]
      Niigata Prefecture Minami Uonuma Police Accounting Div.
      TEL:025-770-0110(Weekdays 9:30~17:30)
    • *Lost items will be sorted until Thursday August 26th so inquiries cannot be responded to until after that date. Please refrain from calling until after August 26th.

Regarding Cashless Payments

  • Cashless payment systems can be used at all food booths and merchandise booths.
    Thank you for coorperating with no-contact payment.
  • Available e-payment systems
    Kitaca / Suica / PASMO / TOICA / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA / nimoca / はやかけん / QUICPay / iD / nanaco / 楽天Edy / WAON / PayPay
    *Please be sure to charge prior to arrival to the festival.

Thursday August 19th Pre-Open

  • There will be no pre-party this year.
  • Thurs Aug 19th
    • 12:00 Opening will be limited to Campsites and the Yellow Cliff area
      (12:00〜 Food Booths Open / 14:00〜 Official Merchadise Booths Open)
    • 15:00 OASIS Area Limited Open
      (15:00〜 Food & Beverage Services Open)
    • 20:00 All Areas & Booths Close
    • 21:00 Area Shut Down

Festival Facilities

  • Food Areas
    • Yellow Cliff(Open until 23:00)
    • OASIS Area (Open until 23:00)
    • Tokoro Tengoku (Open until 23:00)
    • Avalon Field (Open until 23:00)
    • ORANGE CAFÉ (Open until 22:00)
    • Campsites (Open until 26:00)
    • PYRAMID GARDEN (Open until 26:00)
  • Alcohol Prohibited at Festival
    Sale of alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all areas of the festival including campsites.

    • Bringing alcoholic beverages into the festival including campsite areas is also prohibited.

    《Areas Surrounding the Festival》

    • Alcoholic beverages will not be sold at the Naeba Prince Hotel.
    • Alcoholic beverages will not be sold past 8:00 pm in the towns of Naeba and Asagai.

    The Yuzawa Tourism and Township Association is undertaking measures to stop the spread of infection in the town during the festival.

  • Merchandise Sales
    • 【Official Merchandise Booth (@YELLOW CLIFF)】
      Official FRF’21 merchandise / Masks (set of 3) / FRF’21 Backpack / Accessories, etc.
      ☆Use of credit cards and e-payment systems available.
    • 【Artist Merchandise Booth (@Festival ・ YELLOW CLIFF)】
      (From 11:30〜 until last performance)
      FIELD OF HEAVEN artist merchandise available at FIELD OF HEAVEN
      ☆Use of credit cards and e-payment systems available.
    • 【Official Shop Gan-Ban (@YELLOW CLIFF)】
      Official shop with collaborative items, Fuji Rock collection items from past festivals, etc.
      ☆Use of credit cards and e-payment systems available.

Stages & Facilities