Held for the first time in the summer of 1997 amidst the sprawling nature at the foot of Mount Fuji with “symbiosis of nature and music” as its theme, Fuji Rock Festival is one of the largest outdoor music festivals in Japan.

However, the first year was hit by a large typhoon forcing the cancellation of the second day. Rather then a “symbiosis”, the organizers and festival goers both yielded to the fury of nature and the inaugural year of the festival proved to be full of challenges. After being held in Tokyo at Toyosu in 1998, the festival made its move back to the ideal of a location surrounded by nature - its current home - Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata prefecture.

Having learned valuable lessons the first year, and through years of trial and error, Fuji Rock evolved, along with the passionate participants who were always ready to help make the festival a success, to become the first ever authentic rock festival in Japan. Through this process, the festival is not only more prepared for inclement weather, but has developed to include many other attractions, food stands and NGO booths. The festival has built a relationship of trust with the area surrounding the festival, growing to become a renowned summer tradition.

2016 saw the festival reach its 20th anniversary but along with the stability came some carelessness, made apparent by the increasing number of troubling incidents and amount of garbage within the festival.

Fuji Rock was often heralded by international media as the “cleanest festival in the world”. That has been the catch phrase for this festival, built alongside its participants and was the remarkable result of the effort of each and every one of you, the festival goer.

We ask that all Fuji Rock Festival participants resolve to help reclaim this hard-won accolade.

“Do It Yourself”, “Help Each Other”, “Respect Nature”.

These three canons of the festival will not change but we ask that all participants assist in making the special weekend even more so!

Everybody has their own way of enjoying the festival, and each of us should be able to fully enjoy the experience. With this in mind, we would ask that all participants strive to share the comfortable environment that is Fuji Rock, considering the surroundings and others around them.

Fuji Rock is a festival built by the efforts of both the organizers and attendees.


Its not a "rule", its about each and every one of us enjoying and building Fuji Rock. Beyond country, beyond culture; learn the Fuji Rock "OSAHO" and start something new at Fuji Rock Festival.

Becoming The Cleanest Festival in the World… Again

Proper disposal of garbage and respect for others at the festival has declined in recent years. The behavior of each and every festival participant effects the environment of Fuji Rock Festival. Fuji Rock Festival was built together with its attendees and has always strove for a symbiosis with nature. Let’s make Fuji Rock the cleanest festival in the world once again by considering how each of us can reduce garbage instead of a festival where the more people there are, the more garbage there is.

Garbage Disposal

The garbage bins located throughout the festival are operated by volunteers. The original garbage bags passed out at the festival and toilet paper used throughout the venue are made using recycled paper from the previous year's festival. Please help us again this year!

*Sort your garbage and dispose in the proper bin (If you're not sure, ask one of the volunteers!)
*No littering!

Occupying Space

Using leisure sheets to save a spot or leaving chairs, etc., unattended is prohibited. Be sure to carry all belongings with you at all times.
*Use of chairs inside the Red Marquee and Blue Galaxy tents is strictly prohibited.

Smoking On Site

Smoking cigarettes while walking in the festival is prohibited. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas. Please respect no-smoking zones and refrain from smoking (even if permitted areas) during peak congestion times. If you are a smoker, please be sure to use a portable ashtray.
Areas where smoking is strictly prohibited: mosh pits, areas in front of the sound mixing tent at each stage, kids land, inside the Red Marquee tent, etc.

Other Points While At The Festival

 ◆Use of umbrellas is prohibited within the festival.
 ◆Bringing items such as tarps or parasols which may block the view of other attendees into the festival is forbidden.
 ◆Please drink responsibly.
 ◆Please refrain from dangerous actions such as moshing or diving.
 ◆Behavior such as illegally parking or any other actions that is a nuisance to the surrounding residents is strictly forbidden.

“Do It Yourself”, “Help Each Other”, Respect Nature”. Fuji Rock Festival was built on these so artists, attendees and staff can all enjoy both music and nature to its fullest.