「Taking Care of Yourself by Yourself」 「Helping Each Other」 「Respecting Nature」

Fuji Rock Festival can move to the next level if we all take a moment to think about what each of us can do to enjoy the festival comfortably and make the best summer memories possible by following these three guidelines.


  • Cross Type Folding Outdoor Camping Chairs
    These types of folding chairs have been deemed dangerous as people carry them without folding and are a danger to others.
  • Umbrellas
    The use of umbrellas is prohibitted in all areas of the festival including camp sites. They are a danger to other festival goers in low visibility and can be blown away in high winds cauzing a hazard.
  • Leisure sheets, parasols, and other items that block visibility or take large amounts of space.
    《Items which are prohibitted》
    • Blue sheeting or leisure sheets which take up more room then being used by the number of people.
    • The use of tenting (outside of the camp site areas), parasols, sun shades, etc., and any other items that block the view of others is prohibitted.
    These items cause congestion and are difficult to transport which means people tend to discard them becoming a hazard to others. (The saving of space is prohibitted throughout the festival.)
  • Sheeting, chairs, tents and other camp items which cannot be taken back with you.
  • Any and all sound recording devices.
  • Bottles and cans (carrying in coolers also prohibitted)
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Fireworks and other explosives.

Any and all pets, items prohibitted by law and any other dangerous items are prohibitted at the festival.
Those who bring prohibitted items into the festival will be asked to remove them from the premises.
Please note that those who do not follow directions of festival staff will be ejected from the festival. Tickets will not be refunded in this case.


  • Alcohol is not permitted in the festival.
    There will be no sales of alcohol at any area of the festival at any time.
    Bringing alcohol into the festival will not be permitted.
  • No smoking is permitted in the festival outside of designated smoking areas.
    Please use a designated smoking area to smoke.
    Please refrain from talking and prolonged use of smoking areas.
  • Actions which harm others
    Moshing, diving and other dangerous behaviour including transporting folding chairs without folding them up or otherwise transporting luggage in congested areas.
  • Actions which result in direct contact with others
    Actions which involve contact with others such as moshing, diving, high five, etc., are prohibited.
  • Leaving trash behind
    Garbage should always be sorted and disposed of in the proper receptacle. The festival is held in a area surrounded by lush nature and volunteers commit their time to sorting and recycling the garbage at the festival. The garbage recycled at the festival is used as toilet paper and garbage bags at the festival the next year.
  • Leaving chairs or sheeting to save space.
    • Items left unattended for prolonged periods of time will be disposed of.
    • Saving large areas of space using sheeting or luggage is prohibitted.
    • Sheeting being left to save space and hindering others from entering the area has increased in recent years. Please be sure to carry items such as sheeting or chairs with you at all times in order to allow others the chance to rest or use the space.
    • (This applies to the Priority Rest Tents. Please be sure to take your belongings with you when departing an area.)
  • Use of chairs or sheeting in prohibitted areas
    《Prohibited Areas》
    • Entire RED MARQUEE area (including outside of the tent).
    • Directly in front of the stages and in front of the PA, sound booth at each stage.
    • Be sure to follow the instructions of festival staff if told not to use sheeting or chairs in areas other than those listed above.
  • Prolonged use of and/or leaving belongings behind in Priority Rest Tents as well as use of facilities by those who are not appropriate.
    The Priority Rest Tent is a temporary rest tent for the use of the following.
    Those who are not one of the below should not use the tent. Please also keep use of the tent to 1 hour or less.
    (Those with a Physical Disability Booklet may use the tent throughout the day.)
    • Persons with physical disability and attendants.
    • Pregnant women and attendants.
    • Small children and attendants.
    *Attendants are limited to one person.
  • Video or sound recording of performing artists

Those who do not follow the directions of festival staff or cause harm to other festival goers will be forcibly ejected from the festival. Ticket(s) will not be refunded to those removed from the festival under any circumstances.

  • The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who cannot follow the festival regulations or has bad festival manners.
  • Please note that the festival rules and regulations may change without prior notice at any time if deemed necessary.
  • Please also note that tickets will not be refunded after purchase. Please be sure to fully read and understand the festival rules and regulations before purchasing your tickets.