Festival Entry Tickets

3 Day Ticket 1 Day Ticket 1 Day Ticket
First Round Advance Ticket Sales
(Limited Number Available)
12:00 Friday February 3rd 〜 23:00 Thursday March 2nd
¥49,000 ¥21,000 ¥18,000
Second Round Advance Ticket Sales
(Limited Number Available)

Friday March 3rd 〜 Thursday June 1st
¥52,000 ¥22,000 ¥18,000
General Ticket Sales
12:00 Friday June 2nd 〜
¥55,000 ¥23,000 ¥18,000
  • 1 ticket valid for entry of 1 person.
  • Free entry for middle school aged children and younger
    Children aged 15 years and younger and accompanied by an adult may enter the festival free of charge.
  • Number of available tickets limited.
    Each ticket type will be limited to the available number of tickets.
  • Under 22 Ticket
    Discounted 1 Day Tickets are available for those between the age of 16 and 22 years old (as of July 30th, 2023).
    • Number of Under 22 tickets available for each day are limited.
    • Under 22 Ticket holders will be required to show photo ID on entry to the festival. Those without a form of official ID or are unable to prove date of birth will be asked to pay the difference in cost for a full price ticket.
    • 3 Day Under 22 Tickets are not available.
  • Prior Delivery of Wristband
    Those who choose to have tickets delivered in advance will be sent their entry wristband. Enter the festival directly without exchanging your ticket for a wristband.
      Please note that paper copy of ticket will not be issued. Be sure not to lose your wristband.
    • Under 22 Tickets cannot be delivered in advance.
  • Shuttle Bus Service Between Echigoyuzawa Station and Festival
    Shuttle bus services will be operating between JR Echigoyuzawa Station and the festival.
      Shuttle bus fare of ¥1,000 must be paid upon boarding at Echigoyuzawa Station.
    • Return trip is free of charge.

Campsite Tickets

(For 1 Person / Valid for Festival Period)
  • Campsite tickets are valid for 1 person for the duration of the festival.
  • Use of campsite free for children 15 years old and younger if accompanied by an adult.
  • Campsite tickets do not include tents or other camping equipment. Please bring your own.

Parking Tickets

3 Day Parking Ticket
[S Parking Area]
3 Day Parking Ticket
[A Parking Area]
1 Day Parking Ticket
(For 1 vehicle / Valid for 2 or more persons)

Sold Out!
(For 1 vehicle / Valid for 2 or more persons)
(For 1 vehicle / Valid for 2 or more persons)
  • Purchase of only parking tickets not available. Must be purchased with 2 or more festival entry tickets.
  • When travelling in 1 vehicle with 3 or more people, please purchase tickets for more than two people seperately.
  • 3 Day Ticket
    • 【S Parking Area】 No. 1 Festival Parking Area
    • 【A Parking Area】 Adjacent Parking Area (walking distance to festival)
    • Festival will assign A Parking Area spaces for the three surrounding parking areas.
  • 1 Day Ticket
    • 1 Day Parking Tickets will be assigned to Parking Areas outside of the festival.
    • Shuttle bus services between the outer parking areas and festival grounds available free of charge.


Valid Dates & Details Here

Moon Caravan Tickets

4 Wheel Vehicle Ticket
Valid for 2 or more persons
2 Wheel (Motorcycle) Ticket
Valid for 1 or more persons
Moon Caravan Parking Ticket
Sold Out!
(per 1 vehicle)
(per 1 vehicle)
Moon Caravan Campsite Ticket
Sold Out!
(per 1 person)
(per 1 person)
Festival Entry Ticket
Sold Out!
3 Day Ticket
(per 1 person)
3 Day Ticket
(per 1 person)
    • Auto Camp Facility Moon Caravan Ticket
      • Moon Caravan Tickets required for use of Moon Caravan facility.
      • Facility is for 4 night stay. Vehicle entry and exit times will be limited.
      • Moon Caravan Camping Tickets not valid for use at other camping areas.
      • Please be sure to read and understand festival guidelines before purchasing tickets.
    • Purchase will be limited to set including Moon Caravan Parking Ticket, Moon Caravan Camping Ticket and 3 Day Festival Entry Ticket.
      • 1 Day Ticket not available for Moon Caravan facility.
      • Purchase of only Moon Caravan Parking Ticket or Moon Caravan Camping Ticket not available.
    • Ticket Purchase Restrictions
      • Purchase will be limited to maximum 2 parking tickets per person.
      • Purchase of minimum of two 3 Day Festival Entry Tickets required for each 4 Wheel Vehicle Parking Ticket (maximum four 3 Day Tickets may be purchased).
      • Purchase of minimum of one 3 Day Festival Entry Ticket required for each 2 Wheel (Motorcycle) Parking Ticket (maximum of two 3 Day Tickets may be purchased).
      • Number of Moon Caravan Campsite Tickets purchased must correspond with the number of 3 Day Festival Entry Tickets.


Bus & Food Pass
(Per person / per day)
*Limited to 200 per day. (First-come-first-served basis.)
Stage & Goods Pass
(Per person / per day)
*Limited to 1,000 per day. (First-come-first-served basis.)
  • PLUS① Bus & Food Pass
    This pass includes the following services.
    • Use of shuttle bus service
      Use of shuttle bus connecting the Oasis hospitality area and the White Stage.
    • Exclusive Lounge Access (with toilet facilities)
      Roofed rest areas with toilets which can only be used by PLUS PASS holders will be located near the shuttle bus stops.
    • Priority Express Lanes at Food Stalls
      Save time by not lining up for food at Food & Beverage Stalls. (Limited to participating locations.)
    Pass includes unlimited use of the above services for the dates the pass is purchased for.
  • PLUS② Stage & Goods Pass
    • Exclusive Viewing Areas
      Viewing areas which can only be accessed by PLUS PASS holders will be located at the Green Stage, White Stage, and Red Marquee. PLUS PASS holders will be allowed entry into areas with entry limits.
    • Priority Express Lanes at Merchandise Booths
      Priority Express Lanes for PLUS PASS holders will be located at both Official Festival Merchandise and Artist Merchandise booths. (Please note the service does not guarantee purchase of any specific items.)
    Pass includes unlimited use of the above services for the dates the pass is purchased for.
  • PLUS PASS Service Terms & Conditions
    • Purchased PLUS PASS Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands upon entry to the festival. (Exchange method, etc., will be informed to those who purchase a PLUS PASS.)
    • The PLUS PASS alone does not allow entry to the festival. A Festival Entry Ticket is required to enter the festival.
    • Each PLUS PASS is valid for use by 1 person. Services cannot be used by more than one person with only 1 PLUS PASS.
    • PLUS PASS are valid for 1 day only. Use of services is unlimited for 1 day.
    • School aged children under 15 years of age and accompanied by an adult with a PLUS PASS may use PLUS PASS services free of charge.
  • Purchase Method

Details Available Here


  • Motorcycles can be parked in the No. 1 Festival Parking Area.
  • Cost to park motorcycle is ¥2,000. (To be paid on arrival. Cash only. Valid for duration of festival.)
Tent Rental
  • Rental plan includes set-up and clean up of LOGOS brand tent, waterproof mat and lantern.
  • Limited to 50 sets. (Must be reserved in advance / first-come-first-served)
  • Campsite ticket required for use of Tent Rental.
Furusato Nozei
  • 33 different types of discounts and more are now available via Furusato Nozei for Yuzawa including 3,000 yen coupon for food and drink to tickets and parking, bus tours and more. (*Limited to Furusato Choice)
  • >>>Furusato Choice Info

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