Festival Entry Tickets

3 Day Ticket 1 Day Ticket 1 Day Ticket
First Round Advance Ticket Sales
(Limited Number Available)
12:00 Friday February 3rd 〜 23:00 Thursday March 2nd
¥49,000 ¥21,000 ¥18,000
Second Round Advance Ticket Sales
(Limited Number Available)

Friday March 3rd 〜 Thursday June 1st
¥52,000 ¥22,000 ¥18,000
General Ticket Sales
Starting Friday June 2nd
¥55,000 ¥23,000 ¥18,000
  • 1 ticket valid for entry of 1 person.
  • Free entry for middle school aged children and younger
    Children aged 15 years and younger and accompanied by an adult may enter the festival free of charge.
  • Number of available tickets limited.
    Each ticket type will be limited to the available number of tickets.
  • Under 22 Ticket
    Discounted 1 Day Tickets are available for those between the age of 16 and 22 years old (as of July 30th, 2023).
    • Number of Under 22 tickets available for each day are limited.
    • Under 22 Ticket holders will be required to show photo ID on entry to the festival. Those without a form of official ID or are unable to prove date of birth will be asked to pay the difference in cost for a full price ticket.
    • 3 Day Under 22 Tickets are not available.
  • Prior Delivery of Wristband
    Those who choose to have tickets delivered in advance will be sent their entry wristband. Enter the festival directly without exchanging your ticket for a wristband.
      Please note that paper copy of ticket will not be issued. Be sure not to lose your wristband.
    • Under 22 Tickets cannot be delivered in advance.
  • Shuttle Bus Service Between Echigoyuzawa Station and Festival
    Shuttle bus services will be operating between JR Echigoyuzawa Station and the festival.
      Shuttle bus fare of ¥1,000 must be paid upon boarding at Echigoyuzawa Station.
    • Return trip is free of charge.

Campsite Tickets

(For 1 Person / Valid for Festival Period)
  • Campsite tickets are valid for 1 person for the duration of the festival.
  • Use of campsite free for children 15 years old and younger if accompanied by an adult.
  • Campsite tickets do not include tents or other camping equipment. Please bring your own.

Parking Tickets

3 Day Parking Ticket
[S Parking Area]
3 Day Parking Ticket
[A Parking Area]
1 Day Parking Ticket
(For 1 vehicle / Valid for 2 or more persons)

Sold Out!
(For 1 vehicle / Valid for 2 or more persons)
(For 1 vehicle / Valid for 2 or more persons)
  • Purchase of only parking tickets not available. Must be purchased with 2 or more festival entry tickets.
  • When travelling in 1 vehicle with 3 or more people, please purchase tickets for more than two people seperately.
  • 3 Day Ticket
    • 【S Parking Area】 No. 1 Festival Parking Area
    • 【A Parking Area】 Adjacent Parking Area (walking distance to festival)
    • Festival will assign A Parking Area spaces for the three surrounding parking areas.
  • 1 Day Ticket
    • 1 Day Parking Tickets will be assigned to Parking Areas outside of the festival.
    • Shuttle bus services between the outer parking areas and festival grounds available free of charge.


Valid Dates & Details Here

Moon Caravan Tickets

4 Wheel Vehicle Ticket
Valid for 2 or more persons
2 Wheel (Motorcycle) Ticket
Valid for 1 or more persons
Moon Caravan Parking Ticket ¥20,000
(per 1 vehicle)
(per 1 vehicle)
Moon Caravan Campsite Ticket ¥5,000
(per 1 person)
(per 1 person)
Festival Entry Ticket 3 Day Ticket
(per 1 person)
3 Day Ticket
(per 1 person)
    • Auto Camp Facility Moon Caravan Ticket
      • Moon Caravan Tickets required for use of Moon Caravan facility.
      • Facility is for 4 night stay. Vehicle entry and exit times will be limited.
      • Moon Caravan Camping Tickets not valid for use at other camping areas.
      • Please be sure to read and understand festival guidelines before purchasing tickets.
    • Purchase will be limited to set including Moon Caravan Parking Ticket, Moon Caravan Camping Ticket and 3 Day Festival Entry Ticket.
      • 1 Day Ticket not available for Moon Caravan facility.
      • Purchase of only Moon Caravan Parking Ticket or Moon Caravan Camping Ticket not available.
    • Ticket Purchase Restrictions
      • Purchase will be limited to maximum 2 parking tickets per person.
      • Purchase of minimum of two 3 Day Festival Entry Tickets required for each 4 Wheel Vehicle Parking Ticket (maximum four 3 Day Tickets may be purchased).
      • Purchase of minimum of one 3 Day Festival Entry Ticket required for each 2 Wheel (Motorcycle) Parking Ticket (maximum of two 3 Day Tickets may be purchased).
      • Number of Moon Caravan Campsite Tickets purchased must correspond with the number of 3 Day Festival Entry Tickets.


Bus & Food Pass
(Per person / per day)
Stage & Goods Pass
(Per person / per day)
  • PLUS① Bus & Food Pass
    • This pass includes use of shuttle bus services between two of the furthest stages at the festival, fast lane access at food area and use of the PLUS rest space.
    • Unlimited use of the above services are included in the day for which the pass is purchased.
  • PLUS② Stage & Goods Pass
    • This pass includes access to exclusive viewing areas and the three main stages and fast lane access for merchandise tent.
    • Unlimited use of the above services are included in the day for which the pass is purchased.
  • Use of PLUS Passes
    • All PLUS PASS Tickets purchased will be exchanged for a wristband on the date of use. (Exchange procedure, etc., will be notified to purchasers at a later date.)
    • General festival admission tickets are required for use of PLUS PASS services.
    • PLUS PASSES are valid for 1 day. Use of services are also valid for the date purchased.
    • Children 15 years old and younger can use services if accompanied by an adult with a PLUS PASS.
  • Purchase Method

Details Available Here


  • Motorcycles can be parked in the No. 1 Festival Parking Area.
  • Cost to park motorcycle is ¥2,000. (To be paid on arrival. Cash only. Valid for duration of festival.)
Tent Rental
  • Rental plan includes set-up and clean up of LOGOS brand tent, waterproof mat and lantern.
  • Limited to 50 sets. (Must be reserved in advance / first-come-first-served)
  • Campsite ticket required for use of Tent Rental.

Valid Dates & Details Here

Ticket Purchase