Information regarding items lost during the festival will be available and the information tent located in the festival. Inquiries after the festival should be made to the Minami Uonuma Police Dept.

During the festival dates;

  • Fri Jul 26 to Sun Jul 28
    9:00~26:00 Each Day
    Information Booth @ Oasis Area
  • Monday July 29th
    Operating Times: 9:00~12:00
    Outer Ticket Booth

After festival dates

  • Thursday August 1st, 10:00~
    Lost & Found department, Minami Uonuma Police Dept. (Niigata)
  • 《Information》
    Niigata Prefecture, Minami Uonuma Police Dept. Accounting Section Lost & Found Desk
    TEL:025-770-0110 (Weekdays: 9:30~17:30)
    *Items will be not be available until after Thursday August 1st. Please refrain from calling the Lost & Found Desk until after August 1st.