Area Introduction:Points of Interest

Now that the lineup has been set, let us present some points of interest beyond the stage!

Now we’d like to recommend the area well-known to those in the know, the「BRAIN MANSION & BUNNY GARDEN」at 「Donkichi Park」!


After recovering from a brush with Nature on Saturday night last Fuji edition, Mr Wim & Madbunny are welcoming you to the rebuilt and expanded version of BRAIN MANSION & BUNNY GARDEN, a playful interaction zone for young and old situated down the valley in the middle of a rainbow, you’ll find a space opera house specialising in ‘New Age Old Skool Analog Entertainment’


  • – Bow & Arrow Painting @ the shooting gallery
  • – Kids can go wild Bearwrestling
  • – experience a moment of levitation @ Red Ken’s Tea Ceremony
  • – ritual dance/action with ChibiGuts
  • – a very special Japanese ‘Mystery Guest’ (to be announced)
  • – take Selfies with the Bunnies in the Rainbowzone!
  • – impromptu performances

Mr. Wim

Belgium born, London based post-graffiti-stickerking guest artist Mr Wim’s been stickin’ around at Fuji Rock for many years, his many playful interventions include drive-by stickering, the obon tower and the infamous brainmansion. Mr Wim has been working with Madbunny on numerous shows, exhibitions and happenings in London Osaka & Gunma since 2009

Akiyoshi Takada aka MADBUNNY

Akiyoshi Takada aka MADBUNNY is an extreme snowboard legend in Japan, a supreme photographer and cool speedy designer of his own ‘life-style’ label: ‘BYSDNTCRY’ echoing his favourite playgrounds Berlin/London/Tokyo

Donkichi Park’s「Don Gourmet Night」

「Let’s Meet at Donkichi Park’s「Don Gourmet Night」!」

Starting Friday night and continuing everynight thereafter at「DON’S CAFE」on the ski lift side of Nabe Prince Hotel, friends from London will DJ, people coming all the way from Lake Biwa in Ise will sing country and pop songs, and stand-up comedians from the US will perform. I’ll be there as much as possible. Let’s enjoy the evenings together over some drinks. And for those who think, “this year’s Fuji Rock is cheap,” spend some more money. On the other hand, those who think, “Fuji Rock is too expensive! It’s not fun!” should come and complain to me. Alright then, lets meet at Don Gourmet Night!