How To Guide to Fuji Rock

How To Get To FUJI ROCK?
〜Participating in Fuji Rock Festival〜

A must see for first time Fuji Rockers!

“How do I get to Fuji Rock?”, “Which ticket should I purchase?”
Here is some info to answer these questions and more!

There are four basic steps to participating in Fuji Rock!

How to Get to FUJI ROCK?

① Decide when you are going.
② Decide how to get there.
③ Decide where to stay.
④ Get your tickets.

Here is a one page outline on where to get what you need and what to watch out for.

Those aged 22 year’s old and younger check this out! Get a discount when getting your Fuji Rock tickets!

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From first time Fuji Rockers to veterans of Naeba…

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