Enjoy the great outdoors surrounded by nature!

Immerse yourself in music and nature in a relaxed environment with all the facilities.


The least expensive lodging option is also the closest to the festival.

  • Never been camping before? Let the camping professionals at the Yorozu Camping Clinic show you how its done.Make your comfort the top priority at the Women Only Camping Area.
  • Send your camping gear or bags ahead to the festival by courior service and travel light.
  • Exclusive shower facilities for camp site users available. Or soak yourself at the Naeba Onsen (paid).

Camp Site Areas

4 different camp sites are available at Fuji Rock. Please note ticket types and purchase methods differ for each area.

  1. Main Camp Site
    The main camp site is the largest camp site closest to the festival.
    《Ticket Type》
    Standard Camp Site Ticket
  2. 「PYRAMID GARDEN」 Camp Site
    Located 1 minute from the festival bus terminal, use of this camp site is limited to official tour bus users.
    《Purchase Method》
    Official Tour Center Applications
  3. Auto Camp Facility 「MOON CARAVAN」
    The Auto Camp Facility "Moon Caravan" is a four night camping facility for both cars and motorcycles.
    《Ticket Type》
    "Moon Caravan Ticket" wet including Moon Caravan Parking Ticket, Moon Caravan Camp Site Ticket and 3 Day Festival Entry Ticket.
    Three types of rental camping sets that do not require set up or take down will be available for rent in this new flat camping area located next to Orange Cafe. Plans include beds (cots), blankets, and other essential items ready for use on arrival.
    《Required Tickets》
    Camp Village Ticket
    (Seperate purchase of festival entry ticket and campsite ticket required.)
    Details available here

Please Note

  • Please note use of camp site will be limited to the area you purchase your ticket for.
  • Please note the main camp site is located on a ski slope and has an incline.
  • Use of open flame and tarps are prohibitted.

Camp Site Ticket Details

Hotel & Minshuku

Relax and enjoy your time away from the festival!

The official tour center offers many options including tour bus plans that include lodging and family oriented plans.

FRF Official Tour Center

Lodging plans at hotels, minshuku and ryokan and B&B near the festival available. Make getting to the festival and staying there easy with the official tour bus packages. Sort festival tickets and lodging all at once!

Lodging Areas

Sale Schedule

Lodging within walking distance of the festival will be made available in two lotteries via the Official Tour Center first, with further areas and over 1,500 plans and packages being made available on a first-come-first-serve basis afterwards.

  1. First Period (Lottery)
     ・1st Application Period: 12:00PM Feb 9th to 5:00PM Feb 13th
    Naeba Prince Hotel (Tour Bus sets also available)
     ・2nd Application Period: 12:00PM Feb 16th to 5:00PM Feb 19th
    Naeba & Asagai Areas (Tour Bus sets also available)
  2. Second Period (First-Come-First-Served)
    ・Starting Friday March 1st
    Choose from over 1,500 different plans and packages for all lodging areas, tour bus sets, etc.

Please Note

  • Please note 2 person rooming and lodging near the festival sell out quickly.
  • 1 person rooming are available in the following lodging areas: <Numata area (hotel), Takasaki Station area(hotel)>

Official Tour Details

Day Trips

Enjoy Fuji Rock to the fullest in 1 day!

Enjoy yourself to your fullest from when the festival starts at 9:00AM to 5:00AM the next morning! Rest up on the way back with the overnight Official Tour bus or sleep it off in your car while your parking ticket is valid.

Please Note

  • Please note the last train departing Echigoyuzawa Station leaves before the end of the last show (headliner) of each day of the festival.
  • 1 Day Parking Ticket parking will be located at the outer parking area(s). Please note there is no way to return to the parking area when shuttle bus services are not operating.
    (Shuttle Bus operating times will be announced on the Access page at a later date.)