The Official Tour Center offers Tour Busses which travel directly to the festival departing from 19 cities across Japan, lodging options near the festival, and discounted ticket plans. Purchase your festival entry tickets and travel and lodging all at once at the Official Tour Center!

Tour Bus users can use courior services to send their baggage ahead to the festival and travel light!

For Overseas Residents

"Those residing overseas can use the following services provided by the Fuji Rock Official Shop Gan-Ban:
① Tour Bus departing from Shinjuku to festival
② Tent Rental Plan (Campsite ticket also required for use of Tent Rental Plan)

Official Tour Bus

Why Take the Bus?

  • Take the bus and save! No need to transfer to the shuttle bus at the train station! Get to Naeba in comfort and style. (Details differ according to bus plan.)
  • Tour Bus users have a seperate Wristband Exchange booth and courior desk so everything is taken care of at the festival bus terminal.
  • Exclusive camp site for Official Bus Tour users, Pyramid Garden is flat camp site located 1 minute from the bus terminal.(Capacity limited to 500 tents)
  • Many bus departure times including overnight busses available to match your schedule.

Discounts for those aged 22 or younger

  • Round trip tour bus users aged 22 and younger use the main camp site for free. (Standard camp site ticket not required.)
  • ¥1,000 coupon for Naeba Shokudo (food & beverage) also included!
Bus Plans
Tour Busses available departing from 19 cities across Japan. Discount packages including lodging and camp site tickets also available.
《Departing Cities》
  • Kanto Area
    Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Haneda, Yokohama, Funabashi, Omiya, Hachioji
  • Kansai, Chugoku Area
    Kyoto, Osaka, Sannomiya
  • Tokai, Chubu Area
    Shizuoka, Nagoya
  • Tohoku Area
  • Niigata Area
    Niigata, Nagaoka
  • Connection to Jomokogen Station! No waiting required for the Jomokogen Route (via Minakami ~ Sarugakyo). (Limited to Tour Bus users.)

Apply for the exclusive Tour Bus user only campsite, Pyramid Garden here.


Lodging options available in 8 areas range from walking distance to the festival, shuttle bus to the festival and the Echigoyuzawa Station area. Use of the official Tour Bus with lodging set plan is recommended.

Lodging Areas|Official tour center

Lodging Plans
  • Please note 2 person rooms and hotels / minshuku near the festival sell out quickly.
  • 1 person rooming are available in the below areas.
     【Echigoyuzawa Station area (minshuku), Ishiuchi Maruyama (minshuku), EchigoNakazato (minshuku),Takasaki Station area(hotel)】
+Lodging Plans
Shared Room &
Rest Plans

【Shared Room Lodging Areas】
・Naeba, Asagai area (minshuku)
・Tashiro area (minshuku)
・Mitsumata area (minshuku)
・Echigoyuzawa Station area (hotel)
・Echigoyuzawa Station area (minshuku)
・EchigoNakazato (minshuku)
・Ishiuchi Maruyama (minshuku)
*Room assignments will be made based on gender.

【Rest Plan】
・Naeba, Asagai area
*Available for use by men only.
*Not available for use by children.
*Not overnight lodging facilities

Sale Schedule

First Period (Lottery)

Naeba Prince Hotel, Naeba & Asagai area lodging plans, Bus + Lodging Set Plans will be made available in two periods by lottery.

1st Period Applications:
12:00PM Feb 3rd to 5:00PM Feb 6th
(Lottery results announced Feb 9th)
Naeba Prince Hotel
・Lodging Plans
・Bus & Lodging Sets
2nd Period Applications:
12:00PM Feb 10th to 5:00PM Feb 13th
(Lottery results announced Feb 16th)
Naeba & Asagai Areas
・Lodging Plans
・Bus & Lodging Sets

Second Period (First-Come-First-Served):All Plan Types Available

Choose from over 1,500 different plans and packages available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Starting March 3rd 〜5:00pm July 10th Choose the plan best for you including just bus tickets, lodging in all areas, discount tickets for those aged 22 and younger, exclusive tour bus plans and more.

Lodging & Tour Bus Wait List (Selection by Lottery)

5:00pm Monday July 10th to 12:00pm Tuesday July 18th
(Notice of selection made immediately)
Get on the waiting list for cancellations for popular hotels and official tour bus packages!

Under 22 (Discount) Camping Tickets

Those aged 22 and younger who purchase round trip bus tickets can use the camp site for free. Also receive a ¥1,000 coupon for the Naeba Shokudo!
(*Standard price for main camp site is ¥5,000 per person)

details here

Exclusive Tour Bus User Camp Site

Located one minute walk from the festival bus terminal, the Pyramid Garden camp site is an exclusive camp site just for tour bus users. The flat site features a relaxing atmosphere produced by Candle JUNE. Capacity limited 500 tents.

details here

Tent Rental Plan

This exclusive campsite area limited for use by tour bus users sells out every year! The Pyramid Garden now features tent rental plans - leave setting up and taking down the tent to professionals. (Limited number available.) (Area limited to tour bus users.)

details here


Planning & Operation
Collaboration, Inc.

(Hours: 11:00AM to 5:00PM weekdays)
(English language services available)