A Bargain and Smooth!Shinkansen Plan

One of the attractions of using the mode of transportation of “Shinkansen,” is the ability to take full advantage of the expiration date of the ticket and explore until the very last day, and then relax on the first train back.
Additionally, a Fast Lane has been added this year as an added bonus for purchasers of the Roundtrip JR Shinkansen + Ticket Package, for a smooth boarding experience.

Roundtrip JR Shinkansen + Ticket Package

  • “Ekinet” can be purchased until 18:00 the day before attendance
  • Available at “View Reservation Center” up to 5 days before departure for departures and arrivals within the metropolitan area only!

A bargain set containing both the ticket for the Shinkansen and Entrance ticket

In addition to Tokyo, Ueno, Omiya, Kumagaya, Honjowaseda, and Takasaki, new plans for arrivals and departures from Niigata, Nagaoka stations!

★Applications of 1 person accepted
★As an option, applications for boarding in the Echigoyuzawa area are available
★As an option, campsite tickets are also available for sale

Shinkansen Pack Exclusive Fastlane Arrives

We offer the “Shinkansen Plan Exclusive Lane” where priority boarding for the Shuttlebus departing Echigoyuzawa Station and arriving at the venue is available!

  • Exclusively available to Shinkansen Plan purchasers only
  • May be used only once
  • A separate fee of 500yen will be required for the Shuttlebus

Takkyubin delivery available for heavy luggage

Camping goods, bulky luggage can be sent via “Home→Venue” and “Venue→Home” shipping.
Details “FAQ : Can I Use Takkyubin?”

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