Applications for Fuji Rock ‘21 ticket refunds for those who purchased tickets and received their wristbands in advance, and those who received a digital e-ticket and wish to apply for a refund must be submitted by 11:59 pm tonight.

Please note that applications to refund tickets will not be accepted after the deadline has passed.

  • Partial refunds for multiple tickets purchased are available. Please note that refunds for parking tickets only are not available and must be refunded along with a festival entry ticket.
  • Please be sure to check which ticket outlet you purchased your ticket from before applying for a refund.
  • Refunds will be confirmed with the ticket outlet with the name of the purchaser, contact number and address. Refunds will not be made unless we are able to confirm your purchase with the ticket outlet.
  • Please note that only the cost of each ticket will be refunded. Shipping fees and bank fees will not be included in the refund amount.
  • Only tickets for which purchase can be confirmed with a authorized ticket outlet will be refunded. Please note that refunded wristbands cannot be returned.
  • *Please note that processing times for refunds may take longer then normal (due to shipping times and confirmation of purchase). (Processing times may take up to 4 months from the deadline for application.)
  • Please note that refunds cannot be made after the deadline for refund applications.

For those who received wristbands in advance.

Please apply for the refund through the ticket outlet you purchased your ticket from and return the wristband to the below address.

  • Refund Application Deadline
    12:00 pm Friday August 13th 〜 11:59 pm Wednesday August 25th
  • Wristband Return Deadline
    12:00 pm Friday August 13th 〜 Friday September 10th

    • Wristband Return Address
      Attn: Fuji Rock Festival ’20/21 Refund 「(List Ticket Outlet Here)」
      Hotstuff Promotion, Inc.
      5-26-21 Royal Palace Kamimeguro, 3F
      Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku
      Tokyo 153-0051
    • Please include a memo listing the name, address, contact info, email address and ticket outlet which you listed on the refund application with your wristband when returning to the above address.
    • Please be sure to ship the wristband using registered mail, a courier service or certified mail. The festival cannot take responsibility for any wristbands lost in shipping by normal post.
  • Ticket Outlet Refund Application Forms

Those with E-Tickets

Please apply for the refund via the ticket outlet refund form.

  • Refund Application Deadline
    12:00 pm Friday August 13th 〜 11:59 pm Wednesday August 25th
  • Refund Application Form for Each Ticket Outlet/strong>

For those with paper tickets.

Please apply for the refund according to instructions by each ticket outlet.

  • Application Deadline
    12:00 pm Friday August 13th 〜 Friday September 10th
  • Refund Application for Each Ticket Outlet
    • e+
      Please check refund process here
    • Ticket PIA
      The refund process will differ depending on the type of ticket. Please check the following for information regarding your ticket type
    • Lawson Ticket
      Refunds are available from the store location originaly purchased from.
      Please apply for the refund using the Loppi machine at the Lawson or MiniStop location.
      *Please note refunds cannot be made for tickets which have been torn or ripped.
    • Rakuten Ticket
      Refunds will be made via the original store location purchased from. Please check here for more details
    • Ticketore
      Refund information is as printed on the ticket. Please check your ticket and apply for refunds accordingly.